Thursday, March 3, 2011

Women's Best Designer Choice with Prada Handbags

The fashion brand of Prada which began in 1913 up to now is the top and best in quality fashion designer labels. This Italian and Milan fashion house makes a variety of products such as clothing, accessories, shoes, fragrances as well as handbags which produce a high sense of luxury. In particularly Prada designer handbags have this speciality. They speak to others of the persons who own it, the kind of class they possess and the level they are at. They portray a picture of highest quality and utmost beauty. From the perspective of price, it is not as high as those Italian designers which therefore attracts people to this brand.

Because there are so many types and styles of Prada handbags, it is not going to be easy to choose the best. You can purchase not only Classic Vintage bags, but also brand new ones with the latest in design and fashion. The style ranges from the traditional ones to the most trendy creating an opportunity for all the ladies. Take for example the Prada Cervo Large Bowler Bag. Made with grained deerskin, this daily bag comes in a good range of colors like beige.

If you are interested to find a bag suitable for the evening, explore this one - the Prada convertible clutch. This little purse can be worn on a strap or simply held in the hand. In terms of bag space, you can contain lipstick, cash, keys of your car and home, cell phone, mints and about there. The Prada convertible clutches come in peach satin as well as green satin to match with most occasions, whether day or night. You can also find dressy ones which blend with your clothings and also other muted designs as well.

You not only can enjoy the beauty of Prada purses, you can also see excellent Italian quality in action. Uniquely different from other, Prada handbags are made for lasting quality. With one in hand, you may seek for more and get the whole range. If budget is a concern for you, you can go for a replica bag and still enjoy the designer appearance. Lots of replica are also made with great quality and appearance which are as close to the original item as well. Only one thing to note is to be aware of scam artists who desire to sell you a fake one for the price of the real one. So it is always good to check the bag carefully for the few proofs of authenticity such as a serial number and the made in Italy label.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Enjoying Fine French Luxury - Louis Vuitton Handbags

The Louis Vuitton fashion house you know it is equivalent with top class and quality style. This fashion designer from France produces all types of handbags and totes, and also many other items too. These handbags by Louis Vuitton though is one of those frequently replicated handbags, there is certainly nothing as compared to the original thing. The newest product offering from their selection of handbags are bags produced from Mahina leather. In the market now there are always new styles developed and designed from this classy perforated monogram leather, which includes the Lunar PM, the bag that is manufactured to be both comfortable as well as fashionable too.

If you are like those who desires the logo or label of the bag to be very clearly shown or displayed, consider the purses in the Monogram Canvas Collection. For the everyday bag from this similar line is the Beverly MM. It is skilfully trimmed in cowhide leather and toned in gold hardware for that a sophisticated and special appearance. The Monogram Canvas purse once again highlights the Louis Vuitton logo vividly displayed on the outside of the bag, to make it the main focus. You will also be delighted by the honey colored microfiber lining of this classic and extraordinary bag.

One other classic product of bags to look out for are the Louis Vuitton epi leather bags. Epi leather is a sophisticated textured leather which is excellent for both day and night. One product to go for in the collection is named Madeleine PM, and is available in classy black, cassis or ivory. Its features include a zip closure, internal pocket, enough space for all your daytime essentials and surely the delightful epi leather has brought this collection to new heights in this sector.

For Louis Vuitton bags under the Top Handle section, you will discover bright and glorious choices like the Monogram Vernis collection. The leather is glorious, eye-catching and embossed with the logo and label of Louis Vuitton. One item from the collection is the Bellevue PM, which has a zippered closure and you will find it in awesome and attractive colors like Rose Pop, Pomme D'Amour, Amarante, Blue, Vert Bronze and NuitOrange Sunset. Whatever your favorite color is you will be amazed to know that they are displayed in this top fashion collection.

For the best in designer women handbags, Louis Vuitton handbags are a certain status symbol. These are also items you can hand down from one generation to the next. The logo of LV you know already is a timeless and highest symbol of fine quality and luxury. Though the bags are expensive, they are quite comparable to many other European designer handbags as well. If you really can't stand to pay so much on a handbag or purse, an alternative of course is to consider a replica that appears like a real LV bag.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Best Women Designer Handbag by Christian Dior

Christian Dior was the founder for the brand Dior fashion in France. Since his death in 1957, the brand Dior named after his name is still very well known. What do you look for in an authentic Dior bag? You will find the following characteristics - Cannage stitched lambskin leather, gold tone hardware, glittering gold Dior letters fixed to the bag. By this label you will find the real thing.

Dior bags are also manufactured in Italy though the exterior label shows Christian Dior Paris. Counterfeits may indicate Dior bags country of origin of France or Paris which you should know this. Behind the tag Made in Italy you should find the handbag's serial number. One more thing to check is the lining which should have a dark colored nylon interior with Dior monogram. With 160 boutiques all over the world you can get the authentic bag from these stores. Online shoppers have to take precaution of getting replica bags and not be mistaken for the real thing.

To locate Dior bags you can find one well known retailer Saks Fifth Avenue who stock up this bag in their stores as well as their online shops. If you are interested in a multipurpose and also traditional hangbag consider the Granville Medium Tote. Handstitched and made from Calfskin leather, you will be attracted to this Italian made bag with the Dior logo toned in silver. How much does this bag cost? This one is going for around $2350.

For those who desires the more modern, colorful trendy handbags you can go the Dior Savane Satchel which is made in black pebble textured leather with grommet detailing rock and roll edge. You can also go for the exotic Babe Python Frame, made with actual python skin. The price of this one is about $7000. By now you will realize that Christian Dior designer handbags are certainly not those who have budget limitations.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Top Brand Interest in Designer Coach Purses

Originated from the United States, the Coach company manufactures fine excellent leather goods like shoes, luxury handbags and accessories. The Coach is a very attractive collectors brand of fine designer items. Coach purses are so available in different assortments that making a selection is a challenging one. For most it is a one time purchase as it can cost from certain low cost range to as high as $1000 per piece. It also depends the type of bag, size and designs you are looking for.

If you just keen to see how it feels to have a Coach product, consider this Penelope Signature Swingpack purse. It is valued at $128 and comes with the authentic Coach logo, designed with both interior and exterior zip pockets, leather trim and jacguard textile imprinted with a silver label plaque on the fore side. Though it is small it is just the best thing from Coach that will work well for you through each day for the essential items you need.

For a higher capacity selection, you may choose the Tribeca Patent Large Shoulder bag. This berry colored crinkle patent leathered bag comes with little cute touches likes a silver horse and carriage plague. Another selection with great space is the New Cambridge Large Leather Hobo. Its key feature is its many compartments most useful for casual occasions and is available in a unique black to blend with almost all things.

To impress your designer fan fashionista friend with a reasonable price item from Coach, you can go for the more affordable wallet or wristlet. For the girl who delights in the color pink is the Poppy Wristlet in magenta silver trim at a value of $98. EVen more affordable is the new Poppy Skinny Signature Mini keyring change purse. It has a few color choices for your consideration and is priced at a very low $42.

Coach merchandise is essentially not a cheap brand but you will discover many are drawn to it because of its excellent quality in craftmanship and also trendy fashion and classic taste.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Luxury and Privilege of Chanel Handbags

When you hear the name Chanel you will feel the awe of class and luxury. This highly valued designer brand as orignated from Coco Chanel started its brand from suits, then fragrances and next its handbags. The handbags of Chanel are the center of designer luxury. You will never miss it like Chanel No. 5 the scent delightfully used by Marilyn Monroe herself. A Chanel bag signifies class and also a bag of worthy investment for your wardrobe.

When getting designer luxury bags, there is that problem of imitations which take advantage of those who cannot differentiate between the real thing and a low cost counterfeit. These will be promoted as if it is real, attached with a printed 'certificate of authenticity' and sold at prices like the real thing. Surely this is what you do not like to own and so read further to get more tips.

To get the real thing go to the source. Visit a Chanel boutique to get the originals. Every Chanel comes with the interlocked C logo, an enclosed serial number and some packaging materials. You may also find the bags carried in certain departmental stores. If you are just interested to get a real Chanel purse without paying for the original price, you may consider getting a pre-owned bag. Most of the time these bags are still in brand new condition but sold at a discounted pricing.

Other consideration would be to go for the vintage Chanel bags. Being maintained in good as new conditions, these bags appreciate in value with age. You can also find designer label secondhand stores who keep stock of various handbags and accessories and may have some Chanel bags available. Interestingly you will find more options like bag rentals through online stores. Basically you just have to pay a rental fee, use the bag and return when you are done and look for a different one. This is one way to try out designer luxury bags and eventually decide at the end of the day if Chanel is worth your owning a set.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Looking for the Best in Women's Designer Handbags

You can get into fashion with virtually anything but one very highly valued trend is women's designer handbags. To keep in top fashion and style, women got for top fashion bags such as Chanel, Coach, Gucci, Hermes, Balenciaga, Prada, Louis Vuitton and others. These are the ones which are used by many celebrities and the rich as purchased by them. Why are these handbags so attractive as well as so costly?

Firstly there is more than a handbag you're purchasing. You're getting a label, a brand or a name. With higher demand for the brand the higher the price you are paying. If you observe movie stars or celebrities using these bags, you will realize the prices are even higher and also these handbags more difficult to obtain. Usually the average ladies will not find getting these handbags practical for their price though these bags are certainly fine and quality made handbags. On the other hand owning one can come in useful as a form of investment while taking extreme care of it.

For those who are looking for places where you can find these designer handbags, there are numerous locations to check out. You can purchase the actual designer handbags for auction on Ebay with only one precaution to choose the original brand name you are looking for. You can request for information from the seller like bag certificate and serial numbers. Surely you do not want to a high price for a counterfeit. One excellent tip to get cheap designer bags on Ebay is to search for mis-spellings of the designer names and you should get better deals with the auctions with lesser bids.

A very useful and practical place to get your dream designer handbag(s) as well as not be seen carrying a replica is to rent a bag. That is this kind of service where you can choose the different top designer bags like Chanel, Fendi, Gucci, Prada, Coach and rent them for a fee. When you used the bag for your special occasion, you can return it and then consider renting another. It is surely one good way to experience prestige as well as keep your wardrobe space useful.

The last and also possible option is to go for a replica designer handbag. For this category you will be amazed that you can find close to perfect bags that look totally the same and the prices are also bargainable and within your budget.